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Ocean Machinery - Ocean Terminator Band Saw - Ocean Terminator Band Saw

Ocean Terminator Band Saw Models

Ocean Terminator Band Saws for Structural Steel FabricatorsAre you sick of waiting for your steel service center to deliver your cut-to-length parts while the penalty deadline looms ever closer?

Ever wished you could buy direct from the mill and save on your raw material costs?

Do you hate wasting labor, flame cutting and grinding the large beams and columns that your small saw just can’t cut?

There are lots of band saws on the market, and many of them claim to work well for structural steel applications, so why should you choose the Ocean Terminator over the competitor's band saws?

Structural Steel Sawing Options

 Lets look closer at your structural steel sawing options...

vertical band saw1. A vertical band saw at first glance appears to be an inexpensive way to get a lot of capacity for little money. It also appears to be the most bang for the buck.

But driving the blade horizontally is painfully slow and ultimately costs the fabricator in lost productivity as his workers wait for the material to come off the saw.

The lack of rigidity also means that you cannot drive the blade fast and the ends are seldom square, requiring expensive final finishing.


scissor style band saw2. A scissor style band saw blade moves in teh vertical direction, and these band saws also appear to give a decent rage of capacity for an inexpensive price.

Once again the rigidity of a scissor style band saw is only good in small sizes, but once you get above 20", a scissor style band saw will give slow inaccurate cuts, due to the frame flex and the inability to drive the blade fast.

Strucural Steel Cold Saw3. Large structural steel cold saws are exceptionally good cutters of steel, but have become prohibitively expensive. Finding a cold saw that will cut a 42" beam is next to impossible and will set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally the blades are exceptionally expensive and very few sharpening services handle the large blades required to do beams and profiles up to 42"

Standard Features - Ocean Terminator Band Saws

So now lets take a look at what makes the Ocean Terminator Band Saws so successful....

Ocean Terminator Band Saws for Structural Steel FabricatorsHuge Sawing Capacity

First of all the Terminator band saws were designed specifically for structural steel fabricators who cur large and heavy profiles. They are ruggedly built to handle the largest and heaviest profiles available in the industry. 

The Ocean Terminator is available in two sizes – a 30” band saw and a 42” band saw. Both are a dual column, dual miter design, specifically to handle the largest steel profiles, and beams up to 850 lbs per ft.

Ocean Terminator Band Saws for Structural Steel Fabricators

Dual Column Design

To cut large structural steel profiles with a band saw, it is essential to utilize a dual column design. This ensures exceptional rigidity, and this rigidity ensures accurate cutting with minimal blade deflection, and it also allows the blade to be driven with increased cutting feed rate.

This results in fast accurate cutting. And the Ocean Avenger reflects the latest state of the art design, by the industry leaders Hyd-Mech, the rock solid solution for sawing.



Miter Cuts Both Ways

The ability to miter cut in both directions significantly reduces material handling time and reduces your cost per cut. The Terminator miters up to 450 left and 600 right. The miter cutting is achieved through the use of a heavy duty hydraulically powered slewing ring shown here.Ocean Terminator Band Saws for Structural Steel Fabricators

Straight Cuts Every Time

The Terminator utilizes 2” wide blades featuring the latest in band saw blade technology. The 60 attack angle is the ideal angle for structural shapes and ensures fast, accurate and repeatable cuts. Hydraulic band saw blade tensioning provides consistent automatic blade tension while allowing quick and easy blade changing.

Ocean Terminator Band Saws for Structural Steel Fabricators




Fast Accurate Positioning of the Band Saw blade

The laser guide allows the operator to quickly line up the saw cut-line at the precise position, significantly reducing positioning time.

Faster Sawing

A powerful 10hp/7.5kw motor is mounted directly to a two stage gearbox. An AC inverter drive provides a large range of blade speeds, ensuring efficient cutting of all profiles and materials. The direct down-feed system allows easy adjustment of the feed rate and cutting pressure.

cnc band saw for structural steelDigital Feedback

Digital display is standard on the Ocean Terminator Band Saws. The Digital display provides easy to read feedback of the angular miter position as well as the blade speed.

cnc band saw for structural steel

Ocean Terminator Band Saws for Structural Steel Fabricators


Positive Clamping

The dual vises provide material clamping on both sides of the blade, and positively grip the material at any miter angle. As standard equipment, the Terminator Series saws are equipped with a plunger-style overhead clamp, reducing cutting vibration on large structural shapes, increasing cutting accuracy.

Reduced Setup Time

The idler-side guide arm moves in tandem with the front moveable vise ensuring proper positioning of the guide arm relative to the material width at all times. Replaceable carbide insert guides housed in the guide arms provide exceptional accuracy and vibration dampening.

Ocean Terminator Band Saws for Structural Steel FabricatorsLong Blade Life

A hydraulically driven blade brush keeps the blade gullets clean, maximizing blade performance and life. The large 30-gallon coolant reservoir and pump delivers ample coolant flow through the nozzles to the carbide faced guides. A wash down hose and spray gun is standard.

Simple to Operate

The Terminator’s pedestal mounted console can be positioned for best operator viewing and safety. The selector switches and push-buttons allow the operator to control all machine functions.

Ocean Terminator Band Saws for Structural Steel Fabricators

Built in North America

The Ocean Terminator saws are built in North America, guaranteeing you exceptional delivery, warranty and after sales service.

When you call for technical support one of our friendly tech support staff will connect you with a band saw expert and quickly get you up and running.

No more waiting for parts from Europe, or struggling with foreign language Operator Manuals, or struggling to find non standards screws bolts and electrical components


Optional Equipment - Ocean Eliminator Material Handling

Ocean Eliminator Modular Material Handling Systems

Ocean Machinery offers a full range of precision engineered material handling components - the Ocean Eliminator Modular Material Handling System, allowing you to easily customize your material handling system to your specific needs.

Our systems comprise modular components that are heavy-duty, hydraulically powered and simple to operate. You can create your own system choosing from

  • powered in and out-feed roller conveyors
  • powered lift-and-carry cross-transfer systems

Our modular approach makes it simple to integrate your Ocean Terminator Band Saw with your fabricating machinery including multispindle beam lines, the extremely popular Ocean Avenger Single Spindle Drill Line, the Ocean Liberator Coping Machine, as well as shot blasting and painting machines.

Ocean Terminator Band Saw Models

The Ocean Terminator is available in two models

The Ocean Terminator Band Saw is manufactured in North America by HydMech, the Rock-SolidTM solution for steel cutting band saws.