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Mega - Thread Rolling Machines - Rolling Dies Specification
Mega - Thread Rolling Machines - Rolling Dies Specification

1. Type Of Thread/Gear
NameOrder CodeDescription
Standard 60o /55o ThreadRD1
ACME 29o /30o /40oRD2
Ball ScrewRD3
Spline/Gear/90o Knurled GearRD4
Straight Knurled GearRD5
Diamond Knurled GearRD6


2. Type Of Rolling Method
Order CodeTypeApplication
IFIn-Feed The Length of thread on the parts shorter than the max. width of the rolling dies
RFRetreat-Feed For rolling step/collar shaft screws
TFThru-Feed For rolling long screws, parts wihthout heads
TRThrust-Rolling For rolling precise threads/gears and multiple thread( long lead ) screws
3. Rolling Dies Order Format
While Ordering Rolling Dies, Please Specify It As Bellow
Brand And Type Of Machine MEGA TR   Others
Dimensions Of Rolling Dies A:
Type Of Thread/Gear Form RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 Other
Type Of Rolling Method IF RF TF TR
Specification Of Thread/Gear Pitch : Lead Angle :  
Work Material