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Johnford - CNC Super Lathes - SL-35
Johnford - CNC Super Lathes - SL-35

CNC Super Lathes

JOHNFORD CNC Super Lathes are under strict engineering, building and test to provide you the best machining quality. The CNC Super Lathes also bring you profitable operations. JOHNFORD's outstanding technology experience will help you to achieve a mass production and down the cost.

Slant-Bed CNC Super Lathes

Swing over bed (mm) Ø400(Ø15.7")
Swing over cross slide (mm) Ø350(Ø13.8")
Chuck size (inch) 8
Bar capacity (mm) Ø51(Ø2")
Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle bore (mm) Ø65(Ø2.6")
Spindle speed step One speed
Spindle speed (rpm) 4500
Spindle motor (kW) 11 / 15
Spindle bearing diameter (mm) Ø100(Ø3.9")
No. of tools 12
Cross travel (X-axis) (mm) 190(7.5")
Y-axis travel (mm) ±40(1.6")
Longitudinal travel (Z-axis)
(for Y-axis)(mm)
Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z) (m/min) 24 / 10 / 24
Tailstock travel
(for Y-axis)(mm)
Tailstock quill travel (mm) 60(2.4")
Tailstock quill diameter (mm) Ø60(Ø2.4")
Tailstock spindle taper Fixed MT#4
Rotary MT#3 (Opt.)
Servo motor (X-axis) (kW) 1.6
Servo motor (Y-axis) (kW) 1.6
Servo motor (Z-axis) (kW) 1.6
Power turret motor (Y-axis) (kW) 3.7 / 5.5
Inclination : Bed / Saddle (*) 45°
Weight (kg) 4200(9240 lb)
Machine dimensions (mm) WxH 1552 x 1710(61.1"x67.3")
L 3680(144.9")
  • All data subject to change without notice
  • All the specifications are listed with the FANUC CNC system and 12-angle turret.
  1. Coolant system
  2. Splash guard
  3. Through hole 3-jaw chuck
  4. Programmable hydwaulic tailstock (for SL-35/50/65/70/80/100/120)
  5. Hydraulic tailstock quill (for SL-20/30/40/40L)
  6. Chain type chip conveyor
  7. Tool box and various manuals
  8. Tool holders (direct mounting type)
  9. Auto lubrication with alarm
  10. Halogen working lamp
  11. Type of guide ways: box ways
  1. C-axis (C . S axis with angle encoder but no gear box / C.F axis with gear box)
  2. C+Y-axis
  3. Contact tool setting system (Renishaw TS-20 or BULM NT-A2 / NT-A3 )
  4. Parts catcher
  5. Tool holders (VDI type)
  6. Programmable hydraulic tailstock (for SL-20/30/40/40L)
  7. Bar feeder interface (or bar feeder)
  8. Auto Hi-Lo gear box (for SL-20/30/40/40L)
  9. Rotary tailstock
  10. Manual guide i / 0i (0iTD ) ; Manual guide i (18i T / 21i T)
  11. Angle encoder for C-axis