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Skok Machine Tools are agents for Hocker Polytechnik machinery. Since 1962 Hocker Polytechnik has designed, planned and manufactured briquetting systems and special solutions for industry and engineering workshops. Polytechnik can substantially lower the cost of swarf disposal by providing the right solution for briquetting different materials such as non-ferrous metals, alloys, steel and cast iron.


Turn your Scrap into Cash with the briquetting presses Polytechnik.
Our BrikStar CM series are designed for the highly reliable and fully automatic briquetting of lightweight metals. A BrikStar CM handles aluminum and magnesium chips as well as dusts or granules from a wide range of materials. The machine is ideally positioned under a cyclone separator or dust collector; it can be integrated into an existing installation. Manual loading with a chain conveyor or a bin lifter is possible. 
Reducing volume = saves storage space and reduces transport volume and transport cost
Extracting liquids = is environmentally friendly and saves cost through recycling and re-using cooling and cutting fluids
Increasing value = shortens pay-back time of the investment; dry and dense briquettes command a higher price than non-compacted scrap
A solid frame, a hopper, motorized screw feeders, and an integrated hydraulic unit are features of the "compact" design concept that delivers a small footprint, high operational reliability and a superior cost-benefit ratio.
Briquetting Press and Waste Disposal and Recycling.

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