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Goodway - Automation Turning - Bar Feeders
Goodway - Automation Turning - Bar Feeders


Optional bar feeders save manpower and provide greater productivity by automatically feeding bar stock into the machine after each part is completed. BF-65 bar feeding systems feed bars up to 65 mm (2.5") diameter and BF-80 systems feed bars up to 80 mm (3").

Bar diameters 0.19"~2.55" 0.23"~3.14"
Maximum bar lengths*1 48" 60"
Magazine capacity 2.55" x10 bars 3.14" x 7 bars
Control / drive type Siemens / Pneumatic MITSUBISHI / Servo
Foot print L 63" x D 44" L 87" x D 57"
Weight 550 lb 1,100 lb

Actual bar length limited by total spindle + work piece length (work piece + chuck + spindle + cylinder + rear spindle cover lengths). A bar supporting device must be used if bar extends past the rear spindle cover, otherwise, the bar may bend during machining causing serious machine damage and injury or death to operator.