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Kyocera Cutting Tools - Advanced Materials - Ceramic

Ceramic for high speeds

KYOCERA Ceramic inserts are capable of running at high speeds, thus reducing expensive machining times. Hard turning of 38Rc to 64Rc carbon and alloy steels, or rough to finish turning of cast irons is recommended for ceramic inserts.

KYOCERA's Ceramic inserts are designed to resist oxidation and maintain hardness at elevated temperatures.
Ceramic Inserts

Features of Ceramic inserts
Superior high hot hardness and oxidization resistance enables high speed cutting (Aluminum Oxide Ceramic). KYOCERA Ceramic maintains good surface finishes due to low affinity to workpiece materials. Silicon nitride ceramic (KS6000) has improved thermal shock resistance allowing cast iron machining using coolants.

Application Maps

Hard Materials Machining
Cast Iron Machining

Summary of Ceramic insert grades



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