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Kyocera Cutting Tools - Advanced Materials - Cermet Grades

Cermet and PVD Coated Cermet
Cermet is the intelligent combination of the advantages of Ceramic and Carbide
Kyocera Cermet is a composite material composed of ceramic and metallic materials. The metal is used as a binder for carbide and nitride. Generally, the metallic elements used are nickel and cobalt.

PVD Coated Cermet has high wear resistance and adhesion resistance by PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology coating on micro carbide grain base material.

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Features of Cermet inserts

Cermet grades are providing long tool life and excellent surface finishes, combining toughness with superior wear resistance.

PVD Coated Cermet features due to KYOCERA´s MEGACOAT technology less deterioration and more bending strength.

This enables you to choose the perfect tool fitting your demand for high performance cutting.

KYOCERA is known as the leading manufacturer of cermets

KYOCERA has a more than 25 years of experience with Cermet and has one of widest product range in the market.

Summary of Cermet insert grades





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