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Golden Sun - Servo Controller - Stepping Controller
Golden Sun - Servo Controller - Stepping Controller

Min. Increment 0.01° Key-Lock Function Set Parameter # 7 to (1)
Programmable Angle 1-540° Mode Selection After Power On Program mode / Run mode
Max. Equal Dividing ± 2-999 equal dividing Backlash Adjustment Parameter#17
Emergency Stop Whole system stop Previous Step Display Function Pushing “WRITE” key
Input System
key board Next Step Display Pushing “READ” key
Zero Return Soft ware zero return Standard Parameter Function Parameter #1-17 can be set easily
Feed rate F1~F30 (degree/sec.) Motor DC Stepping motor with feed back
Program Capacity
3 programs(0,1,2),99 steps for each program Connection Cable For input power/pulse coder, motor power cycle start / finish signal / brake signal
Jump Function
Jump to sub-program (code. 95) Input Power AC 240V/50Hz / signal phase
Loop Count
Up to 999 times per step Voltage Below 48V/DC