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Equiptop - CNC Surface Grinders - ESG-84CNC
Equiptop - CNC Surface Grinders - ESG-84CNC






Table Size 400x900

MAX.grinding length

Longitudinal 800

MAX.grinding width

Crosswise 400
MAX.distance from table surface to spindle centerline 720
Standard magnetic chuck size 400x800
T-Slot x pcs 12x3
Longitudinal movement of x axis table,hydraulic 1000
Table feeding Speed 10~25000 mm/min
Min.feed rate 0.001
Cross transverse travel of Z axis column Max.transverse travel 460
Table feeding Speed 0~4000mm/min
Min.feed rate 0.001
Vertical in-feed of Y axis wheel travel 600
Table feeding speed 0~4000mm/min
Min.feed rate 0.001
Gringding wheel Size 405x50x127
Spindle speed 1750/1450
Motor Grinding spindle drive 15HP(11KW)
X axis motor 1.5KW
Y axis motor 2KW
Z axis motor 2KW
Weight Net weight,approx 6000Kg
Gross weight approx 6500Kg
NOTE: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc., to improve the performances of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.



General Features: 1.The large all cast iron,single piece base design, it can support the entire saddle,table and column assembly and offers superior rigidity and stable;
2.Close-loop feedback provided by linear scales on X/Y/X axis locating accuracy to increase machining assures,machining accuracy and efficiency;
3.X/Y/Z axis equipped C3 class ballscrew and used AC servo motor which drives directly and intelligent software servo can realize high speed consistent machining with high frequency response