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Equiptop - Automatic Surface Grinders - Acumen 600
Equiptop - Automatic Surface Grinders - Acumen 600




1. C5 class ballscrew and servo motor for vertical transmission.Digital control by Equiptop designed program with MitsubishiPLC. Selection menu for Equiptop surface and plunge grinding,mechanical coordinates, working coordinates, grinding control points, input and output points...etc.

2. Auto wheel dressing and compensation system on table.Table positioning on left side for wheel dressing.

3. Digital readout feedback for cross positioning setting. Three-section setting value for cross movement to fit rough,finish, and micro grinding.

4. Spindle seat with water cooling system to ensure stability ofaccuracy.

5. Three axes fully automatic surface grinding with NC control. Servo system for vertical transmission. 16-color touch screen, spindle current meter, and magnetic power volt meter.

6. Minimum setting value for vertical downfeed is 0.0001mm.

7. Minimum display value for cross movement is 0.001mm.

8. Optional wheelhead auto wheel dressing and compensation system or diamond forming dressing and compensation system.

9. Humanized man-machine touch screen.




Table Size 300x600mm
Max.grinding length Longitudinal 600mm
Max.grinding width Crosswise 330mm
Max. distance from table surface to
spindle centerline


Standard magnetic chuck size 300x600mm
Longitudinal movement of table Max. travel, hydraulic 650mm
Max. travel, manual 730mm
Max. travel, infinitely variable 60HZ,0.2-36m/min,50HZ,0.2-32m/min
Cross transverse travel Auto transverse increment 1-19mm
Auto constant feeding speed 60-320mm/min
Max. auto transverse travel 310mm
Max. manual transverse travel 340mm
Handwheel per revolution 5mm
Handwheel per graduation 0.02mm
Wheelhead vertical infeed Automatic in feed ROUGH GRINDING0.001-0.05mm FINISHING GRINDING 0.0001-0.009 mm
Manual pulse generator (per graduation) 0.001mmx1. 0.001mmx10. 0.001mmx100
Min Setting value 0.001mm/min
Rapid travel, Approx 150mm/min
Grinding spindle drive Speed 60HZ,1750 R.P.M.;50HZ,1450 R.P.M.
Power rating 5HP
Standard grinding wheel Diameter 304mm
Width 31.75 mm
Bore 76.2mm
Hydraulic motor Power rating 2.0HP
Crossfeed motor Power rating 500W/DCV
elevating motor Power rating 750W/DCV
Floor space Total space required 2700x1600x1850mm
Weights Net weight, Approx. 1990KGS
Gross weight, Approx. 2290KGS
Rated power, Approx 8 1/4HP
Packing dimensions L x W x H 2480x2140x2100mm
NOTE: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc., to improve the performances of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.